Garmangabis is a British goddess worshipped in northern England near Hadrian’s Wall. It is unknown whether her name is Germanic or Celtic and I have seen her claimed by scholars on both sides; an altar erected in her honor was placed by members of the Germanic Suebi tribe, but since there was a certain amount of religious fluidity at Roman forts in foreign lands, this is not definitive..


Garmangabis received votive and dedicatory offerings from her worshippers; otherwise little is known of the specifics of her cult.

It is uncertain whether Garmangabis’ name is Celtic or Germanic in origin, If Germanic it likely derives from the Proto-Germanic *geban or “to give” (thus, perhaps, the “Germanic givers”); if Celtic it could derive from the Proto-Celtic *gab-yo or “to take, to hold” and *garsman or “shout, cry out” (and thus possibly suggest a willingness to respond to the cries of those in need).

Garmangabis is known from an inscription found near Lanchester in England.

Literary evidence

Archaeological evidence
Lanchester, England