Melusine is a goddess and/or water spirit known from folklore in what is now north-western Europe. She is usually depicted as a woman with the tail of a fish (much like a mermaid) or a snake.

Melusine is known primarily from folktales; her best-known story has to do with her marriage to a mortal man, during which he was forbidden from seeing her on Saturdays. All was well and the marriage was happy until the husband grew curious and followed her on a Saturday, eventually discovering her in her true form, at which point she left him forever.


The derivation of the name is uncertain.

Melusine is known from folktales told in north-western France (Normandy, Brittany) and Luxembourg.

Literary evidence

  • Jean d’Arras, The Romans of Partenay or of Lusignen: Otherwise known as the Tale of Melusine, compiled from folktales.

Archaeological evidence