Arduinna is a Celtic goddess worshipped in Gaul. She may have been a wilderness deity and most likely a huntress; a goddess who may be Arduinna has been depicted in art seated on a wild boar and carrying a knife.

On another inscription found in Rome, Arduinna is honored along with the god Camulus, as well as several Roman deities (Hercules, Jupiter and Mercury).

Arduinna’s name may survive in that of the Ardennes forest.


Arduinna received votive and dedicatory offerings from her worshippers; apart from this, little is known of the specifics of her cult.

Arduinna’s name is of uncertain origin but may have been derived from the Proto-Celtic *arduo- or “high.” The latter part of the name has been connected to *benno or “hill”; in each case the goddess’ name could be translated to “High One.”

Arduinna is known from an inscription found at Duren, Germany and another (as Ardbinna) from Rome, Italy. Her name would seem to indicate a presence in the Ardennes Forest.

Literary evidence

Archaeological evidence
Duren, Germany; Rome, Italy