Braciaca is a Celtic deity worshipped in Britain. It is not clear whether they are a goddess or god, although the form of the name and the tendency Celtic intoxication deities to be female seem to indicate the former.

On the other hand, the phrasing of the inscription Deo Marti Braciacae can be read as “the god Mars Braciaca,” which is why a number of scholars believe Braciaca to be a male deity.

On the other other hand, inscriptions sometimes saved space (and carving work) by omitting the coordinating conjunction “and” and relying on context for interpretation. In that case the inscription would really mean “the god Mars [and the goddess] Braciaca.”

In any case, Braciaca is almost certainly a deity associated with beer.


Braciaca received votive and dedicatory offerings from their worshippers; otherwise little is known of the specifics of their cult.

Braciaca’s name may derive ultimately from the Indo-Eyropean *mrakis or “malt”; the name is cognate with the Welsh brag and the Irish braich, both meaning “malt” as well.

Braciaca is known from a single inscription discovered at Bakewell near Derby in England.

Literary evidence

Archaeological evidence
Bakewell, England