Divanno and Dinomogetimarus

Divanno and Dinomogetimarus are Celtic gods worshipped together in Gaul at a single site at Saint-Pons, France. They are likely to have been considered protectors or warrior gods.

Both were identified by the Romans with their god Mars by way of the interpretatio romana.


Divanno and Dinomogetimarus received votive and dedicatory offerings from their worshippers; otherwise little is known of the specifics of their cult.

The gods’ names are of uncertain origin; Dinomogetimarus’ name may have derived in part from the Proto-Celtic and *mogetios or “mighty ” and *maros or “great.” Divanno in turn may have come from the Proto-Celtic *gwan-o or “to kill or strike.”

Divanno and Dinomogetimarus are known from a single inscription at Saint-Pons, France.

Literary evidence

Archaeological evidence
Saint-Pons, France