Endovelicus is a Celtic god worshipped in Gaul, in what is now Portugal. He was an important deity with a number of different worship sites. He was considered a solar deity and a healing god, and a protector of those cities and individuals who honored him. He may also have been an oracular deity.


Endovelicus received votive and dedicatory offerings from his worshippers. He had a great temple at Sao Miguel de Morta, Portugal where worshippers came for healing and in hope of healing dreams; he had as well a number of possible other temples throughout the region.

The source of Endovelicus’ name is uncertain; it may not have been entirely of Celtic origin, though it could come in part from the Proto-Celtic *walo or “chief,”

Endovelicus was worshipped primarily and originally in far-western Gaul, in what the Romans called Lusitania and what is now Portugal. His worship traveled with the Romans to other regions of their empire as well.

Literary evidence

Archaeological evidence
Juromenha, Portugal; Lisbon, Portugal; Santuário da Rocha da Mina, Portugal; Sao Miguel de Mota, Portugal; Turena, Portugal; Vila Real, Portugal; Avila, Spain; Villavicosa, Spain