Gnatus (Gnatos) is a Celtic god worshipped in Gaul; he is known only from inscriptions in Etrechy, France, where he was accompanied by his fellow deities Carantana, Etiona, Isosa, and Hidua.


Gnatus received votive and dedicatory offerings from his worshippers; otherwise little is known of the specifics of his cult.

The origin of Gnatus’ name is uncertain; I’ve seen it suggested that it may derive from the Proto-Celtic *gnáth which seems to refer to common knowledge (what is known, what is usual), making him a god of wisdom.

However, I wonder if there might rather be a connection to the Proto-Celtic *gnatos or “son or daughter”; since gnatos is seen in Gaulish names (i.e. Camulognatos or “son of Camulus” to connect the child with that god). In that case Gnatus might refer to some long-lost story of the gods.

Gnatus is known from inscriptions found in Etrechy, France.

Literary evidence

Archaeological evidence
Etrechy, France