Gobannus is a Celtic god worshipped in Gaul and Britain; he is almost certainly related to his fellow Celtic deities, the Irish smith god Goibniu and the Welsh Gofannon. Gobannus is a god of smiths and metalworkers.

Images which may be of the god depict a bearded man, working at an anvil with hammer and tongs.

Unknown. Gobannus may have shared some stories or lore with the Irish Goibniu or Welsh Gofannon but this is unknown.

Gobannus received votive and dedicatory offerings from his worshippers; otherwise little is known of the specifics of his cult.

Gobannus’ name derives from the Proto-Celtic *goban or “smith.”

Gobannus is attested by name in one site in England and a few spots on continental Gaul. It may also be that a number of smith figures found in northern England depict Gobannus, but this is not certain.

Literary evidence

Archaeological evidence
Canterbury, England; Fontenay-pres-Vezelay, France; Berne, Switzerland