Latis is a Celtic goddess worshipped in Britain. She is very likely a goddess of strong drink and intoxication, based both on her name and on the image of a jug on her altar at Birdoswald. She may also be associated with bogs, fens or lakes.


Latis received votive and dedicatory offerings from her worshippers; otherwise little is known of the specifics of her cult.

Latis’ name may come from the Proto-Celtic *latis or “liquid”; it is cognate with several other Celtic-language words including the Welsh llad or “strong drink.” However, *latis is a broad term and can have other meanings as well–as does (for example) the Welsh llad which can also mean “mud.” Thus, etymologically speaking, Latis could be interpreted as a bog goddess or as a goddess of intoxicating drink.

Latis was worshipped in northern England, near Hadrian’s wall.

Literary evidence

Archaeological evidence
Birdoswald, England; Burgh-by-Sands, England