Meduna is a Celtic goddess worshipped in Gaul, at a healing spring located at what is now Bad Bertrich, Germany. Her worship there suggests that she may have been called on for healing, while her name, which derives from the word for “mead,” indicates a connection to intoxication.

She is etymologically related to the Irish Celtic goddess Medb or Maeve, who is likewise associated with the intoxicating beverage and its effects. (Whether she shares any other of Medb’s associations is unknown.)

Meduna was honored at Bad Bertrich along with the goddess Vercana.


Meduna received votive and dedicatory offerings from her worshippers; otherwise little is known of the specifics of her cult.

Meduna’s name comes from the Proto-Celtic *medu or “mead.”

Meduna is known from a single inscription discovered at Bad Bertrich, Germany.

Literary evidence

Archaeological evidence
Bad Bertrich near Trier, Germany