Noreia is a Celtic goddess worshipped in Gaul; it is uncertain whether her name is in fact Celtic or pre-Celtic Illyrian, but she is known to have been worshipped by Celtic tribes. Based on her name, she may have been a goddess and protector of the Norici tribe or of the region of Noricum.


Noreia received votive and dedicatory offerings from her worshippers; otherwise little is known of the specifics of her cult.

Noreia’s name is of uncertain origin, due in part to the uncertain origin of the goddess herself; it may connect her to the tribe of the Norici.

Tribal and other associations
Noreia was worshipped by the Celtic tribes, including the Norici, located in the Roman province of Noricum which included parts of modern Austria and Slovenia.

Noreia was worshipped primarily in east-central Gaul, mainly in what is now Slovenia and Austria.

Literary evidence
In his Gallic Wars, Julius Caesar wrote of the city of Noreia, in what is now Austria, but does not mention the goddess.

Archaeological evidence
Hohenstein, Austria; Liebenfels, Austria; Ulrichsberg, Austria; Weihmörting, Germany; Cresnjevec, Slovenia; Trojane, Slovenia

Toponymic evidence
The lost city of Noreia, said in ancient times to be the center of the kingdom of Noricum.