Ucuetis is a Celtic god worshipped in Gaul. He may have been a god of crafts, particularly of metalworkers; this seems likely due to his presence at a shrine within a metalworkers’ guild, and to surviving imagery depicting him with a hammer, the blacksmith’s tool. In addition, one of his inscriptions (written, unusually, in the Gaulish language) refers to “the smiths who honor Ucuetis in Alesia,” a strong implication that he was known as a patron of smiths.

At Alise-Sainte-Reine in France he is accompanied by the goddess Bergusia.


Ucuetis received votive and dedicatory offerings from his worshippers; apart from this, little is known of the specifics of his cult.

The origin of Ucuetis’ name is uncertain. It may have been derived from the Proto-Celtic *cuet- or “to forge,” or from *okno or “sharp,” either of which would be appropriate for a deity concerned with metalwork. Another possibility is that it is derived from *ukw- or “to speak or invoke” which would identify Ucuetis more simply, as a god who may be called upon.

Ucuetis was worshipped in what is now the Burgundy region of France.

Literary evidence

Archaeological evidence
Alise-Sainte-Reine, France; Entrains, France; Mont Auxois, France