Veteris (Veterus, Vitiris, Hveteris) is a Celtic god worshipped in Britain at a number of sites, many of which were Roman forts along Hadrian’s wall. His popularity among the military suggests a martial side to this god.


Veteris received votive and dedicatory offerings from his worshippers; otherwise little is known of the specifics of his cult.

Veteris’ name is of uncertain origin; it may have derived from the Proto-Celtic *wat-u or “poetic inspiration.” (This reminds me of the similar Old Norse wod, a word which is a part of the name of Odin/Woden, and makes me wonder about the nature of Veteris’ connection to warriors and war.)

Veteris was worshipped at numerous sites in what is now northern England.

Literary evidence

Archaeological evidence
Benwell, England; Carrawburgh, England; Carvoran, England; Caterick, England; Chesterholm, England; Chester-le-Street, England; Chesters, England; Corbridge, England; Ebchester, England; Great Chesters, England; Hadrian’s Wall, England; Housesteads, England; Lanchester, England; Netherby, England; South Shields, England