Visucius is a Celtic god worshipped in Gaul; he may have been associated with commerce and trade. No known images of the god survive.

Visucius was usually identified by the Romans with their god Mercury by way of the interpretatio romana but occasionally his name is attached to that of Mars.

He is sometimes accompanied by a consort, the goddess Visucia.


Visucius received votive and dedicatory offerings from his worshippers; otherwise little is known of the specifics of his cult.

Visucius’ name has several possible derivations; it may have come from the Proto-Celtic *wisakos or “raven,” or perhaps from the Indo-European *veso- or “worthy.”

Visucius was honored in Gaul, with a particular center of worship in the area around southern Germany and northern France.

Literary evidence

Archaeological evidence
Bordeaux, France; Gironde, France; Herapel, France; Pfalzbourg, France; Saverne, France; Esthal, Germany; Heidelberg, Germany; Hockenheim, Germany; Trier, Germany; Agoncillo, Spain