Where to find me

The internet is a big place, and while it’s tempting to settle comfortably into one big, sprawling catch-all of a house, the longer I am here, the more I tend to branch out, having a virtual pied-à-terre in a few different places.

I have a blog dedicated to the prayers I’ve written in past years for the Greek gods, called Underflow: Prayers to the Greek Gods; it’s rarely updated at present (different times of life and all that) but once in a while I do. I’ve got one at WordPress and one at Tumblr, mirrors of each other, because I love WordPress but I also love Tumblr, pretty much equally but for different reasons:

Underflow at WordPress

Underflow at Tumblr

This, right here, the thing you’re reading now, is my blog for current religious prose and commentary (and very occasionally shop talk but I try to keep it to a minimum here–“spent the last few days tweaking the design for the mini prayer beads” isn’t exactly scintillating stuff). Again, one on WordPress and one on Tumblr:

Hearthfire Handworks at WordPress

Hearthfire Handworks at Tumblr

(I also have a Tumblr for my Etsy posts, if such is of interest to you:

Hearthfire Handworks Shop all shop talk, all the time!)

I have as well a Twitter, and a Pinterest.

I even have an old Livejournal to remind me of my only somewhat misspent youth. 🙂

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